BodiTrak Sports Technology

A 3-layer fabric sensor, the core of all BTS products consists of alternating conductive and semi conductive materials. As force is applied to any location, it alters the current passing through that exact location. The BodiTrak systems scan the surface over a hundred times per second, reading how an athlete applies pressure to the surface below. Custom algorithms read that change in conductance and provide calibrated force values – then rendered in different intuitive ways by the software.

BodiTrak technologies are proprietary, durable and quality-assured. All BodiTrak products are manufactured at our ISO certified plant in Winnipeg, Canada.

What BodiTrak Do

BodiTrak are a leading-edge sports technology company, focused on the interaction between an athlete and the ground. Their sensor technologies provide real-time data – a window into that ground interaction – and their team work to make that information insightful.

FJ Performance Fitting System

BodiTrak have partnered with FootJoy to develop a first-of-kind footwear fitting platform (FJ Performance Fit). It proves golf footwear has a meaningful impact on performance.

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